Globetrotter Domino limited edition vintage luggage – too Hot to Trot!

The Queen, Winston Churchill, James Bond and Kate Moss have one thing in common. Any guesses? I’m sure none will get it right without a search machine help. Even I wasn’t aware of it till I came across this limited edition vintage luggage – Globetrotter Domino. These celebrities trot around the globe with their luggage in Globetrotter. Not cheap, but exclusive and certainly pieces that are without a doubt luggage cult. Its exclusivity is further enhanced as Globetrotter is featuring a limited edition vintage luggage set, Globetrotter Domino that comes with a 21and a 30 inch suitcase. Only 20 sets are made 10 of the 30-inch suitcases and 10 of the 21-inch trolley cases.

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The black cases are made of an ash wood frame that is covered with indestructible vulcan fiber with chrome detailing. These witty and highly-collectible special editions have been created exclusively for and are available for £850 ($1700) and £670 ($1350) respectively.