Gold plated AK-47 rife seized

We have seen suits made of gold threads as well as foods flavored with this gilded material. The obsession of men for the exquisite yet fine material known commonly as gold sometimes exceeds our imagination. While most of these gilded possessions reflect the obsession of its owners for gold, a recent find proved quite otherwise. There are reports that confirm that authorities in Honduras recently seized a gold-plated, jewel-encrusted AK-47 assault rifle, complete with two silver magazines. Valued at around $50,000, this gilded weapon is expected to belong to drug traffickers.

The gold-plated rifle is reported to boast of an engraving associated with the Malverde drug gang – which is allegedly connected to Mexico’s Zetas cartel. Besides this gilded gun, police also recovered a number of weapons, along with other military equipment and passports.

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This is definitely not the first gilded weapon of its kind in the world. Case in point, the gold plated AK-47 or the bejeweled gun.