Gold plated caskets and million dollar burial plots is where the rich lay in peace

With the development of places like the Nirvana columbarium, luxury lovers are ensured that they will never be apart from their luxurious surroundings even when they cross over to that either side and begin their journey towards their heavenly abode. This lavish afterlife preparations trend seems to be growing the most in Southeast Asia. Making the most of this growing trend is Malaysia’s NV Multi Corporation Berhad, Southeast Asia’s sole listed bereavement services provider. Singapore’s Nirvana columbarium is also one of the many projects of this company. Among the many services and products that clients can buy at this $22 million luxury columbarium include a burial urn crafted from Canadian jade priced at 188,000 Malaysian ringgit ($60,780) or a gold-plated casket priced at388,000 ringgit ($125,570). This is way above the basic burial charges charged by smaller firms, which start from about 4,000 ringgit ($1,294). The most expensive burial plots are on hilltops, which cost anywhere around 1.6 million ringgit ($517,800).

Luxury lovers and well-heeled folks are known to buy not just one but several such adjacent plots for their family members. The entire project is landscaped to resemble a recreational park.
The company offers a range of funeral services and runs cemeteries and columbariums in six countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan, and boasts 100,000 clients who are ethnic Chinese.
The company also has to its credit a showcase memorial park near Kuala Lumpur, currently the largest in Southeast Asia. So if you are one such well-heeled soul who wishes to depart in luxury, then you had better contact this company.

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