Gold skateboard by Greg Hervieux and Anthony Palomares is a collector’s item

Skateboards in gold are a bit too opulent and good in a way; they tend to help you come over snow blindness (if you don’t mind being blinded by bling instead). Just recently, BKRW had teamed up with Domeau & Pérès to roll out a limited edition skateboard deck produced with premium leather. And in an attempt to bring bling on your skateboarding deck, Greg Hervieux, co-founder of BKRW & BLACK RAINBOW, is now tying up with l’Atelier Antoine Palomares to set the board in 22-carat gold leaf. The French luxury meets street-culture skateboards are limited to just five versions, and the collectibles will be priced at €1490 ($2150) apiece.

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Mail here to order for one.

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