A rare golden fish sold to a Chinese businessman for $38000

The rare golden snapper fish found in the Bangladeshi port city of Chittagong may not have fetched as much as the Tuna fish found in Tokyo or the $736,000 Tuna fish found in Japan, but has definitely fetched a price which is considered high in this particular part of Asia. A Chinese businessman from Hong Kong has paid $38,000 (3.05 million Taka) for the 37-kilogram fish which boasts of a “tasty bladder and succulent flesh”. He bought it from Jehangir Saudagar who works at the Fishery Ghat market near Chittagong port, who in turn had bought the snapper from fisherman returning from the Bay of Bengal.

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The rare golden snapper was purchased by Mr Saudagar at an auction, beating out at least 500 other traders. He continued to lay the bid out doing other traders, for he knew that the fish would fetch a heavy price. According to Zoology professor Norman Siddiqui, only three or four golden snappers are caught in the Bay of Bengal each year, which explains the high bid for this type of fish.

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