Golden Retriever swallows a diamond worth $20,000

Talk about pooches with expensive tastes. After news of Kate Middleton’s dog gobbling down her antique pearls, another pet pooch seems to have favored a snack of precious jewels. The incident occurred in late January when the four legged jewel muncher swallowed a 3 carat diamond inside the Bernard Jewelry store! The store’s co-owner George Kaufman would often take his dog Soli to the store. During one such fateful trip, the diamond which was being examined by the owners was accidentally dropped to the floor. That’s when Soli made his dash and gobbled down the pricey stone before anyone could react. The diamond brought in by a diamond dealer was valued at $20,000!

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After failing to find any trace of the stone in their pet’s mouth, the owners consulted a veterinarian who advised them to let nature take its course. After three grueling days of waiting, the stone finally emerged during Soli’s daily walks.
Wonder if Soli still visits the store after this incident.

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