Goldman Sachs Bankers get fatty bonuses of $10 million and more

Festive season calls for fatty bonuses from employers who burden you with ‘that’s-your-job’ duties all around the year. Some may part with the petty sum of their profits while others who consider employees as an important element of the organization offer handsome bonuses to keep ‘em happy. (Is someone reading between the lines?) Well, Bankers at Goldman Sachs are generous enough to share a record bonus pool of £9bn – with dozens of senior partners in the London operation pocketing up to £5million each. The bank, nicknamed Golden Sacks for the huge bonuses paid to its star performers, began telling its 5,000 City staff how much they would be getting this year. And can you believe that someone is actually getting £10million (about $20 million) as a bonus? Simon Dingemans, 44, who is Goldman’s senior mergers and acquisitions banker in Europe is in line for that much amount in cash and shares.

Michael Sherwood, a co-chief executive in Europe, Yoel Zaoui, head of European investment banking, and Karen Cook, managing director of investment banking, should also pocket multi-million-pound windfalls. Last year Goldman’s star Driss Ben-Brahim is believed to have scooped a £50million bonus – a record for a single City trader. Based on a total bonus pool of £9billion across Goldman’s global workforce, staff will be banking £300,000 on average in January’s pay packet. Goldman has around 400 partners who typically share a bonus pool worth 20pc of the total payout, which means windfalls of up to £5million.