Good guy Mark Cuban lends the Mavericks team plane to deliver aid into Puerto Rico

Unless you’re living in an absurd parallel universe of your own, you must be aware of the damage that Hurricane Maria has caused to the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Almost 16 have been killed by the disaster and thousands are still surviving its wrath without even basics by their side. To help his fellows in such times of need, Dallas Mavericks player J.J. Barea is all set to do a massive round of relief and rescue back at his home ground in Porto Rico.

To help him in his noble cause, Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks, has stepped up himself by lending the team’s private plane to the player. As confirmed by coach Rick Carlisle, “Mark gave him our team plane. They loaded up a bunch of stuff, supplies, etc., to take over to Puerto Rico, and they’re going to turn around and come back. He’s going to take his mom and grandmother back with him, and my understanding is his dad is going to stay over there and slug it out with all of the recovery efforts.”

Barea has also set up a relief fund for Hurricane Maria with his wife, Puerto Rican actress and model Viviana Ortiz. Together they have raised $140,000 from the same and we only wish for the amount to multiply by the magnitudes. Here’s wishing Porto Rico a speedy recovery with the best of Barea and Cuban by its side!