Good Luck Baby Chaquira Sculpture: A unique toy indeed

Baby shaped dolls are just one too many in the markets these days. The little plastic toy with its pretty blue eyes and milk bottle in its hand is a favorite with kids. But how often have you seen a beaded baby doll? Very rare indeed. And that is why it becomes a must have for all those who have a fascination or collection of these baby dolls. Satiating your appetite for the unusual and unique are designers Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua who have made the Good Luck Baby. A Chaquira sculpture, the head of this baby doll was made by Huichol Indians using traditional Chaquira beading techniques. Chaquira beading is a very intricate process in which very small colored beads are pressed into a layer of wax to create patterns. This ancient technique requires a lot of concentration and a steady hand and beaded works can take up to several works to finish. Manufactured by DFC, Mexico, this Good Luck Baby Chaquira sculpture is priced at $2,900 and available here.

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