Google will let you explore the world of art and culture, from 1000 museums, sitting at your home

For the love of art, this is the best thing after Google. Well, it is Google with an enhanced art and culture app called Google Art and Culture. Through this app, you can now flip through more than 1,000 museums from across 70 countries in the world sitting in your living room. You can flip through all the wonderful art works and masterpieces a museum features – Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh; street art in Moscow to Renaissance works in New York. So on and on and on. You will not only get to see the photographs, you can have a 360-degree virtual view of an art work – like the St Paul’s Cathedral, for instance. Or go some 2,500 years back and look around the ancient Greek temple of Zeus. The app is available on both iOs and Android.

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As well as the immersive experience, the app offers the Art Recognizer feature that will allow you to identify an art piece at a museum with your phone camera – something like Shazam for music. For now this feature is available only at London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery, Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Washington, D.C.’s National Gallery of Art. But this list will grow in no time.

Another interesting feature about the Arts and Culture app is how you can search for anything and get art works based on that keyword. Like shoes, or gold, or gloomy. You can also search for artwork based on color –where you can get work like Monet’s 50 shades of gray. Or, just get a fascinating story to discover each day – like nine powerful men in heels. And so on. There will be different themes and updates.

Google started work on the app some five years ago, sitting with museums from around the world to collate and consolidate all the images and information. It is now working on something that will “offer ways to virtually visit famous landmarks, natural and man-made wonders, and more through its “Expeditions” program, aimed at bringing virtual field trips to schools.”

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