Gozilla vs. Biollante Kaiju 1/80 scale model is up for monster collectors

Godzilla wasn’t really the best made sci-fi fantasy monster, but seems like it is something every Japanese is proud of. And they do make for some good collectibles, really. So if you are looking for something that is large, authentic and really classy, check out the 1/80 scale monster figure set of the 1989 classic Gozilla vs. Biollante. Coming from the 17th film in the Godzilla kaiju series, the limited edition set comes in 66 well detailed parts that you will have fun assembling. Once ready the “Officially endorsed Toho merchandise” will measure 100 x 208 x 150cm in height.

While the instructions are in Japanese, makers say you will find little trouble constructing it. The model is priced at $2,000 excluding worldwide express shipping costs.