Grey Goose Martini ensures a lingering taste after you hit bottoms up!

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet, but love definitely seems to be in the air at the landmark hotel Algonquin located in midtown Manhattan! They are serving the most expensive martini ever, but the cocktail comes with an extremely romantic twist! n partnership with Grey Goose, the Hotel justifies the $10,000 price tag on the drink by putting in a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring in the glass for the forgetful lover who proposes in style but forget to carry the ring!

You need to make the requests for the drink at least 72-hours in advance provide the ring and stones specifications in person. After you have selected the ring and it’s ready, the ‘engagement martini’ would be served in a crystal martini glass on a silver platter by a white-gloved waiter in the Blue Bar. Make your engagement pronounced and luxurious to the hilt!

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