Hamleys toy store offers small scale Swarovski crystal studded Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Although Christmas is far away, it never hurts to begin planning in advance. Especially if you know that your little boy/girl is wishing for one of those miniature cars. Well, it’s time to show your little child that you are as loving and doting as some of the celebrity dad’s by getting him/her their very own small scale Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. The original version has made quite a few adults go crazy, so the toy version is sure to make the children go wild as well. Counting on this, Hamleys toy store, which is currently celebrating its 250th anniversary, held an event to showcase their predictions for this Christmas’ must-have toys. And spotted among the many toys was a small-scale Mercedes Benz SLS AMG adorned with Crystallized Swarovski Elements. Sure to make your child jump and dance with joy, this Swarovski studded small scale version of the famed Mercedes Benz car is definitely a must buy for your child.

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Priced at $2,250, this car is set to become the best Christmas gift for your car-loving child this Christmas.