Harrison K-9 security service dogs ensure protection for $ 230,000

What will you do to make your home safe in heaven? Let us guess, do anything. We would like to. But will you be paying $230,000? If it includes CCTv’s, bodyguards, and stuff, why not, but if only a dog, then? Harrison K-9, the famous home security provider for 35 years, provides you just that for the so-called ‘best home security.’ Now it may sound weird. ‘Cos, a German Shepherd costs a lot less than that. But the K9’s at Harrison K-9 are different. They are specially trained dogs who can sniff dangers from miles away and avert it too. But the best part, they are people-friendly. Now it makes sense. After all, dogs are a man’s best friend. And a good friend is worth millions.

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Take heart, if you can’t afford the most expensive, Harrison K-9 services start at $40,000 too. And the dogs are no way less capable…

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