Harrods Canti Prosecco bar serves up the most expensive non-alcoholic drink

London’s luxury department store Harrods can now boast of serving the most expensive non-alcoholic drink to its patrons. You will find the prized Canti Juice made from Moscato grapes in the newly opened Canti Prosecco bar menu. A bottle of this non-alcoholic drink is £50 ($78), making it more expensive than other alcoholic drinks on the bar’s menu. In his statement, Canti spokesman said, “There are a lot of affluent visitors to this store who do not drink alcohol for religious or cultural reasons, such as Arabs and others from the Middle East, and it would be foolish not to provide them with a non-alcoholic offering. They like to impress their friends and family nevertheless, and this sparkling non-alcoholic wine allows them to enjoy the Prosecco bar experience for themselves”.

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