Harvard University tops Forbes list of universities with highest number of billionaire graduates

After presenting a list of some of the most expensive universities in the nation, Forbes has now created a list of universities that have churned out the most number of billionaires. Although a degree does not ensure a ticket to a billionaire lifestyle, one cannot ignore the connections formed and developed at these prestigious universities that help achieve that billionaire dream. The topper of this list with the highest number of billionaires as its alumni is none other than the prestigious Harvard University. The university has 62 graduates who are now successful billionaires, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Citadel founder Kenneth Griffin, and David Rockefeller Sr.

Stanford University has taken the second spot with 28 billionaire graduates, including Jerry Yang, who co-founded Yahoo while a grad student, and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Other notable grads from this prestigious university include Philip Knight of Nike and David Shaw of hedge fund DE Shaw.
Columbia University comes in third with 20 billionaire graduates. Henry Kravis and hedge fund tycoons Louis Bacon and Leon Cooperman are proud billionaire graduates from this university. In Fact, Cooperman, a plumber son, credits the school with “putting him in a mold” and giving him “credentials to trade with,” helping him land a job at Goldman Sachs.
The University of Pennsylvania takes the fourth position with 18 billionaire graduates. Real estate titan Mortimer Zuckerman, Daniel Och of hedge fund Och-Ziff, and Michael Milken are some of the billionaire graduates from this university.
Yale University comes in at number with 16 billionaire graduates like Eddie Lampert and Blackstone Groupco-founder Stephen Schwarzman. It was the alma mater of billionaire families such as the Mars chocolate fortune (Forrest Mars Jr. and John Mars) and Cargill agricultural fortune (Cargill MacMillan Jr. and Whitney MacMillan).
The following five universities round off the Forbes top ten universities with the most number of billionaire graduates:
6. the University of Chicago. Number of billionaire graduate: 13
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Number of billionaire graduates: 11
8. New York University has tied with Northwestern University for this position to boast 10 billionaire graduates.
10. Cornell University. Number if billionaire graduates: 9

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