Have a look at the exclusive ‘Steinway Black Diamond Limited Edition’ piano created in collaboration with designer Dakota Jackson

When it comes to making pianos par excellence, there’s one main that reigns on top. No points for guessing its Steinway & Sons. After unveiling thousands of classic pieces and several custom-made instruments, the marquee has recently introduced a piano inspired by the black diamond and the sheer exquisiteness of the gem.

Christened as the ‘Black Diamond Limited Edition,’ the exclusive instrument is created by Chinese virtuoso Lang Lang in collaboration with renowned American furniture designer Dakota Jackson. In addition to Lang’s quintessential design elements, the piano features three diamond‑shaped silhouettes interspersing the line of the instrument’s rim to the S-shaped chopstick. It further showcases the innovative Spirio | r technology for high‑resolution recording and playback and a music library of Steinway artists and legends, including Lang Lang, Diana Krall and, Arthur Rubinstein.

Commenting on the piano, Lang, in a statement, said – “The Black Diamond has not only the look — but the sound, the emotion, the touch,” He further added – “The shape of the piano invites you to play it.” Each of the Limited Edition pieces takes about three years to craft, making it that much more special. The Steinway Black Diamond special edition is currently limited to 88 B grand pianos and an additional 8 D concert grand pianos and is available on request on the brand’s official website.

[Via: Asia Tatler]