Have money, will play round of golf on moving dump trucks

Perhaps golf isn’t the most “interesting” game other than for those who play; however it does have quite a following especially amongst the wealthier lot of our planet. So when you throw money into the mix you can pretty much make even a boring game like golf quite a thrilling experience as Caterpillar, the guys with the Big Rigs and earth movers have demonstrated with a rather unique golfing session.

Using some of their large earth movers filled to the holding brim with gravel, sand, rocks and even one with trees, the company proceeded to demonstrate how versatile their vehicles are with a moving golf course. In a marketing campaign unlike any other, the company designed the “cargo” of each of these large vehicles to look like golfing greens complete with a fairway, hazards, a putting green and even one that just carried a couple of trees. A couple of golfers were chosen to participate in this event and were positioned atop a larger mound that was stationary. The object of the game was no different than playing a short round of golf, of course you’d have to consider the challenge that the course was moving around in front of you on large trucks.

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I guess it’s something you do if you have oodles of cash to spare. Hire a company with large Caterpillar type trucks, dig up some dirt, have a landscape artist design each pile of your “moving green” turf and you’ve got yourself a highly interactive game of Golf that doesn’t even need you to move from your starting position. Think of it as a real life golf styled video game… sort of.

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[Via – Gizmodo]