Have your DNA (and your Cat’s) turned into Artwork

Just when you think, “everything that could be invented has been invented”, there are unlikely inventions that take you by surprise. While DNA science and its form has been applied to delve into health, disease or ancestry, “Genetic Ink” is moving molecules out of the lab into your home, creating unique personalized works of DNA art. Although Genetic Ink isn’t the only company breaking into the novelty DNA field; DNA Art US spawned the ingenious concept in 2005 but genetic art has now become a popular trend when decorating your house.

The New York City based company “Genetic Ink” will use genetic sequencing to high design with a system for turning genetic information into a wall-ready piece of art. No two people in the world have the same DNA, so you are guaranteed to own a truly original piece of contemporary art.

The company will send consumers a DNA collection kit, and they will have to send a cheek swab back. In its FDA-approved lab, the startup will use an algorithm to sequence the DNA, and it keeps samples anonymous to protect clients’ privacy. DNA from dogs and cats can be imaged as well. The artwork can be produced in 17 different colors and four different sizes, and can reportedly range from $200 for a 12-by-16-inch canvas to $700 for a 3-by-4-foot one.

“Your DNA is quite literally your personal identity. Part of what we want to do with Genetic Ink is say, we can express your DNA in a way that really expresses you, and it can be beautiful,” Alex Pyatetsky, Senior Advisor at Genetic Ink was quoted as saying. Besides, the osmosis between art and life will immortalize the transience of one’s existence.



[Via – Fastcodesign]