Healthcare at $10,000 an hour

Russia and its billionaires are a famous story. Of course, it’s another matter that the billionaires themselves are not very famous but that makes for another writing piece. So like I was saying, Russia’s billionaires have everything that most billionaires do – yachts, luxury cars, and expensive real estate all over the world. But what is all this without good health? So to make sure that they kept healthy, Russia’s rich folk go to a clinic by the name of Neo Vita. This clinic offers a variety of treatments for both the body and mind and also gives psychoanalysis tests. But what is really different about this clinic you ask? Well, for treatments like psychoanalysis, you are charged nothing less than $10,000 an hour.

For that cost, the clinic offers the ultimate in privacy. Visitors pass a police post and surveillance cameras and confidentiality is maintained at all levels. There is even a discreet side door and for those who are truly secretive and yes wealthy, (that goes without saying now does it not?) they can reserve the clinic just for themselves for $200,000. Russian psychoanalyst Artyom Tolokonin justifies his prices by saying he only he understands the Russian mentality, offering services his clients can’t get elsewhere. Now only if that logic actually worked everywhere!