Heart-In Baby Diamond made from Infant’s Hair

If you happen to be one of those “cool” parents that have it all together, you might want to move past the poop and diapers and onto diamonds. Yes, that’s right. Diamonds! As the synthetic jewelry market is flourishing, it’s shocking to know that one of the industry’s more competitive companies involves human DNA. Pink Tentacle reports that a Russian company named New Age Diamonds is targeting Japanese consumers with something called the Heart-In Baby Diamond, “a synthetic diamond made from the hair of newborn babies.” They’re planning to market these diamonds in Japan, where the birth rate is on the decline and a new baby may end up being an only child. New Age Diamonds appears to be capitalizing by offering proud new parents an innovative and luxurious way to bestow gratitude on their blessed offspring.

$3,500 for a 0.2-carat canary yellow diamond to $17,000 for a 0.8-carat chameleon red diamond; you can have your very own diamond made out of your child’s newborn hair. The Heart-In Baby Diamond is the latest addition to the company’s “Your Personal Diamond” (YPD) line of commemorative diamonds, which are custom-made from the hair or fur of your favorite person or pet, living or departed.

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