Hello Kitty Business Card Case in real Gold

Business cards are very important and so is the case that encases them. After all first impression is very important…….so just do it in style. I did present to you a gold Hello Kitty business card last month. Here’s another complementing opulent business card holder for the same – Hello Kitty Business Card Case in Gold. Shaped out of pure 24 karat gold, this case is caked with Swarovski crystal beads. Its looks nice and cute in pink with all the bling. But some how I (for the first time) didn’t like the idea of Hello Kitty looking like a skull-with-cross (danger) symbol. She can never mean harm.

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However if you liked this case and need it for fun or purpose, then you can opt for this case that retails fro $225 (27,300 yen). Don’t know why but sadly Kittyhell has not put the source of purchase.