Hello Kitty luxury water will make you Purr in delight

Under her cute exterior, Hello Kitty is one smart feline who has a business empire large enough to rival that of many a wealthy man. Sanrio’s Kitty now readies to expand her empire by invading the world of luxury drinking water with her very own line of luxury bottled water. Living up to its luxurious status, the Hello Kitty luxury drinking water comes residing in a bottle whose cap is shaped like a crown and sparkles with Swarovski crystals. The bottle is also adorned with a beautiful sparkling bow that is sure to mesmerize every Hello Kitty fan. But the fun doesn’t end there, and the luxury bottled water comes in five different colors, each representing a different theme.

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Red (friendship), Pink (cute), yellow (heartful), green (wish), and lavender (sweet). Given the fan, following the Kitty has, it would be wise for other luxury drinking water manufacturers to get back to their drawing boards.
And of course, like every luxury product, this luxurious offering from Hello Kitty comes with an eye-popping price tag as well. The set of five bottles promise to leave both your throats and pockets dry with an asking price of $500. You also have the option of buying them individually for $100 each.
But if you are a true Hello Kitty fan, you are going to need the entire set to quench your thirst for Hello Kitty products.

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