Her Majesty “The Queens Rocking Horse”

The Queen’s prized Mare Tinkerbell, which she favored while galloping across the lush greens of the Windsor Great Park, was presented to Her Majesty the Queen on May 12th, 2005 in the form of a replica, the rocking horse. The heirloom-quality rocking horse is one in 100 in existence and is hand-carved by the world-renowned Stevenson Brothers of Bethersden, England, whose family has made horses for 60 years. Then you can quite appropriately imagine the artistic excellence achieved while creating this magnificent 5’long horse. The structure involves the horse being mounted on a coach spring suspension system that provides bounce in a manner that closely resembles a mare’s gait instead of the rocking back and forth. The horse is handmade from original English Oak and the mane and tail are made of real English horsehair as well. I want a sturdy horse ride and you don’t have a real horse at your dispense, then you could most certainly count on the “Queens rocking horse”

It has measurements of 50”H*22”W*60”L and the price is fixed at $15,000.