Here are four traditional steps to proposing to your loved one

The first day of the rest of your life with that special someone starts with popping the question, and you need to do it in a memorable way that will be talked about for the rest of your lives. Sure; the wedding, itself, the parties afterward and the honeymoon are all very good – but nothing wows quite like the lovely yellow diamond engagement rings you can choose from when you first declare your intentions.

Here are a few tips for the love-smitten on how to propose to your soon-to-be-wife.

You Need an Engagement Ring, Obviously
This tends to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so you should opt for the highest quality engagement ring. Although some would recommend you go shopping with your loved one, we recommend you go it alone for the surprise effect. Try to gauge what she would like through magazines you sift through together, listening to her thoughts, looking at the accessories she likes to wear, taking into account her favorite color and even asking her friends for their input.

There are some really lovely options available – including gemstones. Here’s a great tip if you’re at a loss: a yellow gold diamond is all the rage these days because of its brilliant yellow pallor, and there are many different ring designs you could choose from. Once you’ve decided on a perfect engagement ring, make sure to get insurance for it.

Involve the Family
As these are the tips for the traditional-minded, you’ll need to involve you bride-to-be’s father if possible. There are variegations to this, of course, depending on your bride’s culture, background, etc. Don’t stop with the father though. Make sure to involve and impress the whole family.

You could host a family dinner, for example. Your bride-to-be and her parents should be the guests of honor. Use that time to talk to your future father-in-law, share your intentions in the most loving way and ask for his blessing. This might sound outdated but it will gain you a lot of bonus points.

Decide Where You’ll Propose
This place has to be nearly as impressive as the diamond engagement ring you bought her. After all, it will form a big part of the memory you’ll share. The proposal venue can range from dinner at a great restaurant, to a stroll in your favorite park, during which you surprise her by getting down on one knee and asking for the ultimate commitment, diamond ring in hand. If you’d prefer a private affair, the comfort of your own home could be a great solution.

Envision the Moment and Practice
Practice usually makes perfect; but there’s no telling how the flood of emotions that will surely hit you when you actually propose will likely alter the event. The best you can do is compose your proposal, practice it at least once a day beforehand, and plan any props or special effects you wish to add. We’re talking about candles, flowers, even fireworks here.

Extra Steps
When the basics are all planned out, you can start thinking out of the box. How can you add some modernism to your traditional proposition? Consider hiring a professional photographer to immortalize the event. Capturing her reaction as you get down on your knee, seeing the engagement ring, exhilaration in her eyes, the love you share – a picture speaks a thousand words, these memories will be priceless. If you decide to hire a photographer, make sure your bride-to-be is dressed for the occasion. You don’t want her to complain how she was in her tracksuit as she looks at the pictures afterwards. This is where you could ask her friends to help you. Perhaps they could organize a ladies night out, your loved one will get all dressed up and you’ll avoid a potential proposition fail.

Asking your loved one to marry you is undoubtedly one of the biggest steps you’ll ever make in life, and a diamond engagement ring to commemorate the event is a great way to signify the importance of such an event. Choose wisely and with confidence; there aren’t too many other purchases you’ll make where the only important factor is the sheer splendor of the item.