Here are the 5 most luxurious vape kits that money can buy

Vaping has been around for almost twenty years now and picking up steam in popularity. It’s getting to the point where you can find some truly over the top vape kits that epitomize luxury and advanced technology. You can find some very expensive vape mods, but the price tag doesn’t guarantee quality and good value. You want to get a vape that the experts at a dispensary like Harvest of Scottsdale would use themselves. Here are 5 examples of expensive, luxury and over-the-top vape kits that are actually worth the money.

5. Boxer Mod Classic DNA250C BF Squonk Dual 20700 — $500
The Boxer Mod Classic starts around $500, but it’s such a great kit that you might find it going for more than that. It’s lightweight but one of the most powerful mods you will find. It has a number of advanced settings that are easy to change, with a 1.3 inch LED screen that’s easy to read.

It has a high amount of customization so you can tune it to your preference, and the frame is made from highly durable titanium so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. It’s made to last. At $500, this is actually the cheapest vape on the list, so it offers great value!

4. Duke SX — $800
Made by Vicious Ant, the Duke SX is a product from one of the most highly regarded vape brands globally. They put a lot of love and care into their design, and hand builds their kits to create truly special and unique vapes. The Duke SX is actually one of their more affordable vapes starting at $800, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic.

It comes with an SX350J V2 chipset and extremely advanced firing mods that make it a great beginner vape for people who have the money to drop on it.

3. Otto Carter — $3,000
Now we’re starting to get into the really over-the-top kits. The Otto Carter is made from a firearms engraver located in Texas, who just so happens to also make truly crafted vape kits. The Otto Carter is hand-chiseled, 100% bespoke a mech mod that is as much a work of art as it is a vape. Prices start at $1,000, actually, but is so highly sought after that you will have a hard time getting one for less than $3,000.

2. TI 26650 Tophat — $10,000
The TI 26650 Top Hat Vape Mod exudes luxury. It’s made with a titanium frame with a mix of color choices that are combined with great looking woods. It looks mostly space-aged but also has a hint of more comfort and luxury. It might cost as much as a used car, but there aren’t many other vape kits out there that are just better. In fact, there might only be one…

1. SX350J Dual 18650 — $100,000
Magic Valley Vapors is a vape manufacturer in New York that uses 3D printing to make some truly stunning creations. The SX350J Dual 18650 is one of the most advanced vape kits ever made, with a Yihicigars SX350J mini circuit board and two 18650 batteries that are recharged through its micro USB connection.

In summary, there are many expensive and luxurious vape kits that you can buy. There are vape manufacturers who design and build truly amazing creations using advanced materials and technology, so even if they have big price tags they are still worth the money.