Hermès’ scarf inspires the 2013 Valentine’s Day stamp by the French postal service

If you are an avid stamp collector then you can look forward to adding a luxury stamp to your collection soon. And if you don’t collect stamps, you can get some to match with your favorite scarves anyway. Luxury brand Hermès will soon bring out stamps based on it iconic scarf designs, all for the French postal service La Poste’s annual Valentine’s Day “Heart” collection. Having collaborated before with brands including including Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Givenchy and Lanvin since the year 2000, the 2013 edition will be created around Hermès’ “De tout coeur” scarf that has been designed by Zoé Pauwels. In a first of sorts, the edition will be issued on a sheet of five stamps all sporting different designs, including swans, hearts, shooting stars and a lyre, instrument of the messenger god Hermès.

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The stamps will go on sale on exclusively Jan. 25 and 26 at the postal service’s “Le Carre d’Encre” store in Paris, with other post offices selling it from Jan. 28.