Highly detailed 19.5-inch high Lego Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter set to go on sale in May for $200

From kids toys and collectibles to art, vehicles, fashion and theme parks, Lego has been through it all and is still extremely popular with individual from 05-to-65 years old! What really gets collectors in a frenzy though, are the movie/game/comic themed editions, and in Geekdom, it doesn’t get bigger than Star Wars!

Lego and Star Wars have been in cahoots for a very long time and we’re not talking about the tiny-minifigures, we’re talking about super sized and in some cases life size replicas using thousands of the little bricks. In 2009 a 3 foot 8 inch replica of R2D2 made the rounds and a little earlier that year we even saw a 7 foot long Mon Calamari flagship (Return of the Jedi) made of over 30,000 Lego bricks.

But the latest is in the form of a 19.5-inch high, 12 inches long and 12.2-inch wide replica of a TIE Fighter which is part of their Ultimate Collector Series. In May of 2012, Lego released a 2,100 piece R2D2 in the same series. The TIE Fighter was showcased at the New York Toy Fair, 2015, and this stupendous work of Star Wars “Imperial Fleet fan-art” is highly detailed, complete with an opening top hatch, transparent windows, and exclusive pilot minifigure with mini-blaster. It even comes with a standee detailing all you would need to know about the ship.

Constructed from about 1,685 bricks, the Lego Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter will cost collectors about $200 when it releases in May of this year. Is there a queue I can stand in?

[Via – Freshnessmag]

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