HovPod ACX 52 delivers a fun ride wherever you may go

Whenever I see water all I can think of is surfing on the waves, but who’s going to work out and shed those extra pounds just to get on the surfboard! But now with the all-new HovPod ACX 52, you can look cooler than ever. Taking rides around the surfer will give them a bad complex. The Hovercraft has the versatility of all the high tech vehicles, you drag it over anything, down the beach, into the water, over wetlands & marshes, up the river estuaries, or even on the traffic-running street, only if you don’t fear heavy fine. The Hovercraft is powered by a two-cylinder 2-stroke 625cc engine and reaches speed limits of 40-45mph and can carry a payload of 250kilos. The hovercraft runs up to 2 hours at cruise speed if loaded full tank.

HovPod ACX 52 will need a big bundle of $30,954.