How to give potential clients a luxury experience online

I remember the first time I bought an expensive suit. From outside, the boutique appeared somewhat foreboding, as if welcoming only those who thought highly of themselves. I had passed it many times before without even thinking of entering. But now that I had a bit of
money, I opened the door and was greeted by luxury.

The music choice was soothing and perfect. The staff provided incredible service, guiding me through the process of choosing the ideal suit for my features and body type, along with explaining how they would adjust it to fit me perfectly.

In other words, I was given an experience. This is exactly what you want when you intend to spend a lot of cash.

These days, however, many businesses are online only. This is especially true in a world forced indoors by COVID-19. Your business may rely on providing a luxury experience while lacking the physical richness of a boutique store.

The good news is that you can still give clients a luxury experience online. Here is how.

Perfect functionality:
Before we get into the bells and whistles, we need to talk about the basics for creating a great user experience for an online business. These basics include speed and stability. A website which is sluggish and occasionally crashes does not give moneyed visitors a good

When you are creating your website, make sure you get the right hosting. The right hosting ensures that your website is not impacted badly by high traffic. Your website loads smoothly and without issue.

Keep in mind that this also means that you shouldn’t embed media that is too data heavy. While it may not impact your experience, it will slow down anyone who does not have the fastest connection.

Less is more. Every luxury boutique knows this. There is a youthfulness about overloaded and “exciting” websites, which is ideal for some businesses but not sought after by your potential visitors.

Choose a theme that is simple and sleek. It can be dark and enticing or light and sparse. If you have a menu, provide only a handful of options. Make sure it is easy to navigate.

Furthermore, avoid using popups. While popup prompts to sign up for a newsletter are
effective for other websites, they diminish user experience. Prompt clients to sign up for a newsletter during the sales process or at the end of an article. Do it concisely and non-intrusively.

Targeted ads:
Targeted advertising is standard in 2020. However, while most websites target ads to a web user’s personal experience, your targeted ads should be more specific. A visitor may have been researching cheap clothing before coming to your website, but an advert about
discount shoes just does not suit your aesthetic.

As a luxury online business, you have an idea of what your potential customers want. Targeted advertising based on the customer’s history might elicit more clicks, but unless advertising is your primary source of income, these clicks come at a cost to user experience.

Just because your business is online does not mean you need to diminish your luxury experience. As long as you are committed to your aesthetic, you can provide the ideal customer experience.

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