‘Hummer H2 – King Size America’ captures the magnitude of the H2

True to its brand image, the new coffee table book titled “Hummer H2 – King Size America!” is also big and hulky. Measuring 17 by 25 inches and weighing 17 pounds, only 999 of this book is going to be published. Touted as the Biggest and Most Exclusive Car Book in the World, the book’s 200 pages were penned by a German automobile journalist. With unfolded centerfold, the book reaches a width of 94.5 inches, wider than the subject of the book, the HUMMER H2, itself. Hans-Jürgen Tücherer tells a great many entertaining and amusing stories that surround this spectacular American SUV. More than 270 fascinating pictures up to 17 x 94.5 inches in size depict the HUMMER H2 in all its glorious details and from many highly unusual perspectives.

And that’s not all, as this coffee-table book was honored with the Canon Digital Print Award. To make it more exclusive buyers also have an option to customize their copy with their name, license plate, or even their H2’s VIN number. For 999 euros ($1,570), the German edition is already on sale but for the English one, we will need to wait till next month.