Ian Harebottle, Gemfields CEO speaks on Luxurylaunches

Gemfields is the world’s largest producer of colored gemstones. Renowned as a mining-to-markets firm, Zambian emeralds are Gemfields’ specialty. But that doesn’t stop them from producing Zambian amethysts and rubies from Mozambique. The brand is geared up to serve a colorful pallet of gems, including emerald, ruby, and amethyst, to the Indian market and unveiled a truly one-of-a-kind set of fine jewelry collaborations with 36 leading international designers. Also, to coincide with the launch of this project, Gemfields has unveiled a new global advertising campaign featuring brand ambassador Mila Kunis shot by Mario Sorrenti in Los Angeles. Gemfields CEO Ian Harebottle, who is well commended within the gemstone sector, takes time to share his views on Luxurylaunches.

1) With increasing users opting for bespoke mobile phones, watches, and other accessories studded with diamonds, do you see them choosing gemstones for the same shortly. Would gemstones be the equivalent of diamonds when it comes to bling? –
Yes, in fact, we are working towards that. Especially in India, the demand for colored gemstones is growing, and we expect it to grow higher in the coming years. We expect a 20-25 percent growth in demand over the next decade. Looking at this growth, we are hoping colored gemstones to catch up with diamonds in 10-15 years.

2) NASA has spoken about the possibility of mining near-earth asteroids for precious metals. Google and Amazon have also announced a similar venture –

a) What are your thoughts on the same?
Well, all of this yet has a considerable amount of time to materialize. It sounds quite exciting and opportunistic. We could definitely look into this when the time is right!!

b) Does this present itself as an opportunity or a threat to Gemfields in the near future?
Like I said before, this would be quite opportunistic, and we shall look into this when the time is right!

c) With such ventures becoming more mainstream in the decades to come. Would the value of precious metals and stones be affected?
Firstly, considering that such ventures would be operational in outer space, it will not be financially feasible. Secondly, I would say, as gemstones and precious metals have a mighty commendable appreciation value, their demand and worth would not get much affected.

3) We know you love all the precious stones, but which amongst them is your favorite and why?
I personally love the emerald. It is eccentric, vibrant and at the same time personifies elegance. Each emerald is unique, which makes it even more attractive, loveable, and magnificent!

4) With your venture in India, do you plan to work with local environmental agencies and NGO’s?
We would love to get involved in such kinds of activities. However, I would say there is still some more time till something concrete materializes. Hopefully, in the near future!

5) What are your thoughts on the luxury jewelry market in India?
I would say that the luxury jewelry market in India is growing at a massive pace. The demand for colored gemstones has increased significantly in India, making it a strong market. We are very excited and look forward to implementing our plans in the Indian market.

Update –
Consumer Website- Mila
Gemfields, the world’s leading supplier of ethically mined rare colored gemstones, has revealed its new consumer website. The site will live alongside the brand’s existing corporate website, gemfields.co.uk and has its own dedicated URL: consumer.gemfields.co.uk. The innovative online destination, with creative direction by Jonny Lu, features exclusive content that aims to educate, inspire and increase consumer awareness of colored gemstones.

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