Idrolux showers showering in sunlight

In classic Latin, hydro means water and lux means light… Fusing together the powers of sunlight and water, Idrolux is an out and out revolution in exquisiteness. It is a sophisticated shower system that gently tans and purifies the skin as it cleanses. The experience can only be described as showering in sunlight. Accompanied with all sorts of options, like colored panels, hydro-massage, two-function shower head, special mixing tap, and remote control, Idrolux turns your shower into a feast for the senses. The tubes in an Idrolux shower exactly reproduce UVA and UVB rays, while filtering out harmful UVC rays. The rays in an Idrolux shower are the equivalent of those encountered during a walk on the beach in the early hours of the morning. Already have a shower in place, but want to add the tanning option? The Symphony system is the answer. The self-contained, streamlined Symphony unit with its high tech tanning tubes can be installed in any type of existing shower unit with ease.

Milky white, azure blue, sun-warmed orange, or natural green are standard options, but custom colors can be created upon request. Sleek Idrolux showers have become a fixture in upscale bathrooms as health and beauty conscious society discover the delights of a year-round bronze glow. Idrolux ‘L’ Tanning Shower unit is available for $24,000 and the Symphony unit “tanning panels” are priced at $11,000.

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