If you’re only claim to fame is being rich, this may be the biography service for you

Are you rich, bored and unnecessarily proud of yourself? If the answer to that is ‘yes” (of course it is), then Harrods has the perfect gift for you. The famous department store has teamed up with Story Terrace to offer their customers, personalized biographies. Story Terrace will pair clients up with a suitable ghostwriter who will then conduct interviews and collect information through questionnaires to get the information they need to create the memoir.

Priced at anywhere between £3,300- £6,000 these biography packages include professional writing, editing, design and printing. It’s pretty great if you’ve lived a full life and perhaps want your grandchildren or great-grandchildren to have an insight into your life, but (and this is a headscratcher) why would you pay thousands of dollars to have someone else write down the things that you already know about yourself? Isn’t the point of a biography that the publishing company pays you money?

If this service was about ordinary people having their lives documented as a way to let future generations know how we lived, I would have 100% applauded the effort, but with around an average month’s pay involved, we’ll pass. We do not need a company to hook us up with ghostwriters, we already have Craigsist guys.


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