Illy enlists artists to create designer coffee cups for a good cause!

Be it ultra-fancy tumblers or OTT makers, when it comes to coffee, preparation and service is as big a deal as the beverage itself! In fact, the only thing that could make us love our coffee cup more is knowing that it aids a good cause! A new Illy cup collection that will go on sale this week calls your attention to the coffee growing countries of the world and brings artistic talent from these nations to the notice of the world. The collection is a part of EXPO Milano 2015 and features cups bearing designs from artists whose home countries range from Ethiopia and Honduras to Costa Rica and Guatemala among others. The Illy Cup collection has been names the sustainArt collection for EXPO and it brings attention to coffee growing communities and sustainable practices in coffee production.

illy-cup-collection-2Among the artists who have contributed to the collection are Esteban Piedra Leon (Costa Rica), Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa (Guatemala), Elias Sime (Ethiopia) and Adan Vallecillo (Honduras) whose works are already available for purchase at Illy cafés and on the brand’s website. Each artist’s work reflects the EXPO’s food-centric theme; “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The collection is available in espresso cups/saucers ($90) and cappuccino cups/saucers ($120) and each piece is individually signed by the artist and numbered. We’ll be looking forward to sipping our favorite drink through one of these colorful cups.

[Via – The-Objective]

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