In The Alice Chess Set pieces magically turn transparent

Designer Yasmin Sethi was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass,’ while designing this unique Chess Set. The chess pieces have an opaque mirror finish, but when they touch the surface of the board, they “magically turn transparent”, revealing their true identity. When removed from the board they regress to being opaque, This just goes to show how a chess piece useless outside the board. If removed from the board, a pawn and a queen are equal; neither have any value. The Chessboard is made out of LightPoints, which is glass that has LED’s embedded in it. The pieces are coated with Mirona, a Material that turns transparent when light shines through it. When the piece is placed on the board it completes the circuit and lights up the LED.

With reference to the White Knight from the book, who talks about being able to think better when he is upside down; all of the white knights on the board will not illuminate unless placed in the upside down position.

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