Indian weaver aims to set a record by creating world’s lightest silk scarf and sari for Obama

The fame and popularity of the current President of America, Mr. Barack Obama has reached far and wide. The young President has admirers not just in his nation but across the globe. One such admirer of the president is a weaver in India. The weaver based in India’s IT hub, Bangalore, is on a mission to impress the President and hopes to win his heart by presenting him with the world’s lightest silk sari and scarf. The weaver, Mr. Gurum R Narayanappa, is now busy weaving his present for the president. In Fact, the weaver and silk farmer has already completed the silk scarf. The exquisite silk scarf measures one square meter in length and weighs just 30 grams. The lightweight scarf made from fine silk is sure to feel and look extremely luxurious. The scarf took the weaver and his wife three days to complete ad he has used silk fiber from just two cocoons.

The couple is now busy with a six-meter long sari, which promises to be one luxurious creation. The silk sari will be embellished with a gold zari border, which measures 44 inches in width. When ready, both these items will vie to make it to the Guinness Book of Records for being the lightest silk garments to be produced in the world. Narayanappa hopes to present these items to the President when he visits India later this year. I don’t know how much this gesture will do to boost India’s silk exports to the US, but it is sure to make Mrs. Obama extremely happy.

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