Indian weddings, epitome of luxuries!

If you thought that nothing gets bigger and fatter than the big, fat Greek wedding then you need a serious update on the lavish and lovely Indian weddings. As rich as it is in its cultural heritage, it is in its wedding ceremonies too and is only getting richer and richer, So much that industry thrives on it. It might be a ‘seasonal’ industry, blooming only during the auspicious months of the year but with an estimated worth of Rs 1, 25,000 crores (Rs 1,250 billion). Tarun Sarda, CEO, Vintage Group, Vivaha Interactive, the organizers of Vivaha exhibitions says, “The weddings just grown larger only. The latest trend is now to fly out the ‘Barat’ comprising 250-350 people to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to have the wedding there. With the young Indians getting richer and richer and the already rich also being a tough competition, people are coming up with mind-boggling weddings to out-do each other and I am not complaining provided I am invited to all those culturally rich and lavish weddings! Big shots like The Mittals and Sahara’s along with the Chatwal’s have paved the way for hi-profile weddings which definitely don’t happen at 5-star hotels anymore!

The event management companies have been kept on their toes for that extraordinary wedding which may have individual events like ladies sangeet with Bollywood singers performing and bachelor parties along with theme parties for the marriages. Now that’s a luxurious way of saying ‘I Do’!