The perfect accessory for throwing a yacht party in the high seas – An inflatable sea pool

After its exhilarating ocean rides, Superyacht tenders and toys gives us yet another kind of aquatic joy, an inflatable sea pool. For skeptics saying that the sea is as swimmable good as it gets, just think what it would be like to brace the watery wonders with complete and customizable safety. The pool provides a great way of ensuring people don’t get swept away besides keeping jellyfish and other unwanted creatures at bay. And if you still think this would make a worthy yet cumbersome companion on that sail, a space-saving PVC version is ready for excursion.

The easy-to-manage PVC material in its inflatable frame makes the pool small to pack down and light, very light. It has multiple tie-down points and a ladder to get into and out of. It comes with all pumps, manuals and repair kit and can be connected to other watersports equipment, while fitting perfectly alongside the yacht slide. Unlike any other, the 5 x 5m pool retails at $3,900 in an assortment of colors.

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sea-pool-4If, however, you are one yacht owner to not be constrained by concepts of size and space, also on offer is an inflatable feat accomplished with 20cm thick drop stitch fabric (the same as stand up paddle boards). Making do minimal storage, it has a frame that is super strong with enough support for people to stand on or even moor jet skis onto. The pool is provided with all parts and accessories such as weights for the net, grab handles, ladder, towing D rings, pump and repair kit and retails in an assortment of colors at $10,995.

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[Via – Superyacht-Tenders-and-Toys]