Israel has opened an underground doomsday bunker for officials to work in the Coronavirus pandemic

We went from living in fortunate times to scary times pretty fast. Unfortunately, there is still no silver lining in sight, only more bad news coming our way. Nevertheless, the world continues to fight hard and shows no sign of defeat. In recent news in that regard, Israel’s doomsday bunker for top officials that have been activated for COVID-1. Our current situation does qualify as doomsday which is why this deep underground facility that was built for the Israeli government to safely operate during a crisis is now opened to battle coronavirus. It is now Israel’s National Management Center so that they can continue to run the country during a major crisis. Times are uncertain and there no sure shot way of knowing when the world will be free again, which is why safeguarding select officials, in such a facility with extreme command and control capabilities seems judicious. The location of the doomsday bunker is ideal too as it’s in the midst of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Supreme Court, and other major governmental facilities.

It’s difficult to judge it as a bunker, to be honest; it could easily pass off as a modern art museum with a windowless futuristic-looking ground-level complex that includes multiple drive-in entrances and a circular turnaround. The bunker goes very deep in and can house hundreds of people for a long period of time. Similar bunkers are found in the U.S too but they are of a deeply concealed nature.

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[Via: The Drive]

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