Israel Creates First Pomegranate Wine

Health is wealth they say. Fruit juices are good, but could we tempt you with some wine, perhaps? The fruit that bestows this honor is the pomegranate. The mighty pomegranate prides itself as a blood purifier, thus the juice is essential to a healthy diet. If we tell you that this great fruit already has vodka to its credit and soon is coming out as wine, wouldn’t you be ecstatic?! A winery in Israel is introducing pomegranate wine. The Rinon winery has created a pomegranate wine. As a fact pomegranates don’t have natural sugars in them to ferment on their own, but apparently the fruit of this region is sweet enough to ferment on their own. Their product line includes a dry white wine, a dessert wine, a port-style wine, and a rosé.

They plan to export to Europe and America later this year. Pomegranates are full of all sorts of antioxidants and vitamins so cheers to the team at Galilee!

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