Israeli woman combing various trash dumps in search of her mattress containing $1 million

Here is a unique story of misfortune and hard luck. A Tel Aviv woman, Anat, is searching through various Israeli trash dumps after she accidentally threw away a mattress containing $1 million! Now you must be wondering why anyone would store that kind of cash in a mattress in the first place and then be so silly as to “accidentally” throw it away. Here’s the story. Apparently, the mattress belonged to Anat’s mother, and she was unaware that her mother stored her life-saving in it. One fine day, Anat surprised her mother by buying a new mattress and throwing away the old one. After her shocked mother told Anat about how she had stored all her money in the mattress, Anat immediately ran out to check for the mattress, but it had already been taken away to the dump. On reaching the dump, she found that mattress had been shipped to one of two larger landfill sites, along with another 3,000 tonnes of rubbish collected that day. Since then, she has searched two sites but has been unable to retrieve her million-dollar mattress. Even though her mother has not commented on this grave loss, Anat bravely states – “People have to take everything in proportion and thank God for the good and the bad.” Wonder who is to blame – Anat or her mother?