Its a Girls World – The best of Gizmodiva

Studded cells are the norm, but Motorola RAZR V3 – Swarovski studded Hello Kitty style is unique because the Swarovski crystals are fashioned to the popular design of Hello Kitty. If that seems to be a little puerile, than Sony Ericsson Z610 is a jewel-cell for the grown-ups with its shimmering ‘mirror’ clamshell. If you’re into this habit of comparing yourself with the celebrities and considering them as your idols, then this Celebrity Weight Scale weighs you like one. This week, we have a compilation of bed-side gadgets to inform you about. Twilight Turtle, an ideal bedroom buddy will transform your bedrooms into a starry haven as it is the only plush bed-side planetarium. At the same time, the grown-up teens can Snuggle up with Chumby. If these two don’t suffice your needs of bed-side gizmos, than Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock SBH400ss will actually jolt you with its ear-piercing audio alarm and a 12-volt bed shaker.