Jack Row Architect Pen is chiseled out of gold and studded with diamonds

A pen is known to be mightier than a sword. And judging from the appearance of this luxurious piece of writing instrumentation, we’re pretty sure not a lot of those blades out there would match up! A pen fit for a hand that wears a ring with a royal seal, the Jack Row Architect Pen is inspired by Modern London architecture. It draws its roots from Islamic design, using handcrafted outer filigree made from 18kt white gold studded with 0.90ct diamonds. The inner barrel is chiseled out of rhodium and 22kt gold plated sterling silver, while the nib is made from solid gold. Made by world-renowned award-winning designer and goldsmith Jack Row, only 88 pieces of this luxurious pen will ever be created. And with a price tag of £27,500 ($43,500), we suggest you slip this one in a safe when you’re done writing!