Jaeger-LeCoultre will now manufacture Honey at Vallée de Joux Grand Watchmaking House

If you think Jaeger-LeCoultre is all about Haute Couture fashion accessories, then you will soon discover otherwise. If you have visited the Grand Watchmaking House (Grande Maison, in French) recently and noticed ten new beehive installations, then you have a slight hint. Taking advantage of its location amidst “lake and forests in the Vallée de Joux,” the watch-making brand has decided to bring an “authentic, original souvenir” to every one of its luxury-loving visitors. So the next time you plan to discover the art of watchmaking, make sure you taste “Honey from the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre.”

With its own production in place, the setup will be managed by Franck Crozet, a professional beekeeper in the region. This initiative will show the world that Jaeger-LeCoultre is committed to keeping the ecological balance right. Bees are supposed to be key players in the process of pollination.

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