Jaguar Plays Santa and has X-Mas Treats for all

This Christmas season, Jaguar plans to get in the customers by offering them tempting freebies. A Motorola RAZR and an iPod are the hot deals that Jaguar is offering you, should you buy their XJ sedans sold between November 13, 2006, and January 2, 2007. The customized RAZR and the pre-loaded iPod are a part of the new XJ Holiday Technology Package, which will be standard on all XJ sedans sold this season. The iPod is loaded with Jaguar content including XKR: 90 Brand Film, XK “Attractive” TV commercial, and a Jaguar history film. The party doesn’t stop here; the XJ features Jaguar’s Audio Connectivity Module, which integrates the iPod seamlessly into the car’s stereo.

The Bluetooth will be available on all 2007 XJs and will allow most basic cell phone functions to be handled through the on-board vehicle controls. This includes the steering wheel buttons, audio system keypad or navigational information, and touch screen.

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