James Bonds Aston Martin DB5 and other scaled cars models from 007 films are up for grabs

Besides being a high-flying British Secret Service agent, James Bond has been known for his women and cars’ tastes. Now, you could get your hands on some of Bond’s rides from popular flicks, including GoldenEye, Gold Finger, and Casino Royale. You can very well give up hopes of driving these around, though they do make for exceptionally classy showcase pieces. By Scalextric, these scaled car models of popular rides from the 007 movies cost roughly between $80 and $190 and are available in the Micro Scalextric James Bond 007 Skyfall Set and Scalextric James Bond 007 Skyfall Set. With a beautifully chiseled miniature, Aston Martin DB5 included in these sets, Scalextric will unveil a Limited Edition James Bond 007 Skyfall Twinpack limited to 3500 pieces.
[Available at Scalextric via Uncrate]

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