Jamo’s custom speakers promise to be a treat

Music buffs will be treated to Jamo’s first custom speakers voice-matched to its in-room speakers that will appear in the new 600 and 400 series. These speakers were designed in Denmark for the first time using technologies available in its in-room speakers. The in-room technologies brought to the wall and ceiling include features like a wave guide to control tweeter dispersion, decoupled tweeter technology to prevent wall vibration, and a center plug, which replaces traditional dust caps to make a cone lighter and more responsive, increase power handling and prevent break-up points. The hard conical cones deliver detailed midrange.

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The 18 models available in the two series are easy to install as they feature a one-piece baffle and a bridge design that acts as a handle to hold it into place during installation. Magnetic grilles simplify grille attachment. The amazing speakers that promise high quality sound will be on display at Hard Rock during the international CES.

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