Japanese billionaire pays through the teeth to break retweet record

Social Media is a powerful tool and proving so yet again is a Japanese billionaire who recently broke all records by receiving more than 5 million retweets on a statement that he made on Twitter. No accidental achievement, Yusaku Maezawa, the man behind all the action planned the orchestrated drill by promising a cash equivalent of 100 million yen — or $925,000 to 100 randomly selected re-tweeters.

Lured in by the cash for the win, Twitter users broke all records and pleasantly surprised Maezawa with millions of retweets. The Japanese tycoon apparently announced the give-away as his online fashion retail business – Zozotown recorded astonishing sales and he wanted to celebrate the feat with a cash give-away. Posted on January 5, his tweet in Japanese read – “With a daily appreciation, I will give 100 million yen (total of gifts million yen) in cash. The only way to apply is to follow me and RT this tweet. The reception is up to 1/7. I will direct DM from me to the winner!”

Owing to the chanced propaganda, Maezawa’s follower count also skyrocketed from roughly 501,000 accounts before his tweet went viral to more than 5.48 million as of today. A known name in Japan, Maezawa is the owner of Japanese online fashion retail website Zozotown and is also the first space tourist on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Space X flight to the moon. Looks like the Japanese Tycoon is reaching out for social media fame and the starry galaxies, all at once!


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