Japan’s favorite bear, Rilakkuma now comes in a 24k solid gold form

For those of you who think Rilakkuma is a local Japanese delicacy made with eerie ingredients, you can try heaving a sigh of relief. It is in fact the name of a cute cuddly bear that the country simply adores. After embellishing practically everything under Japanese sun from stationery to sleeping bags, the endearing fictional character is now set to appear in the form of a little charm called the “netsuke”.

The netsuke bracelet or tie-around is a traditional miniature carving that is attached to end of a cord which can be used to hang off a pouch or a clutch purse. While charmlets like these often do not cost a bomb, this one in particular will blow you off by a whopping 702,000 yen ($6,179.80 USD)! The reasons for this heavily priced Rilakkuma are pretty evident though. Made from roughly 20 grams (0.71 ounces) of pure 24-karat gold, the luxe charm also dons a diamond encrusted belly. Even though many of the prior Rikakkuma merchandises have been infamously pricey, this bear sized netsuke certainly seems to steal the thunder when it comes to extravagance!

Available for purchase via the San-X website, the golden Rilakkuma will retail only up till the 26th of the month and will be delivered to the lucky (and the exorbitantly rich buyers) by mid of march. To ensure safekeeping of this mini- fortune, the brand offers the tiny charm in an exclusive character branded box. For those of you who can afford to buy their own luck, head to the San- X webpage now!


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